Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
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Welcome to King Kai's Site!


Hello, I'm King Kai! A big and strong
Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
I was born on June 3, 2003, in Kennel Mac Dara, Småland.

On this page, you can read more about me here, and about the Wheaten Terrier breed here.

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King Kai - about me:

I like playing wild and noisy games with people, dogs and our cat Jesper. And i like to learn tricks and to search for hidden things using my nose. I am also CRAZY about cheese!

I have many important duties in our home. One of them is to correct the carpets; My masters are terribly sloppy with the carpets, I constantly have to scratch and push them into their right fluffy pile shape. An other is to sit on the balcony and watch the world, I don't know how it would manage without my watching and guarding it!

Outside, I have to do all the work marking up our territory - let's face it; when it comes to that, my people are absolutely worthless!! I also have to prune the plants in the garden - the people let them grow way too big. Some of them, I think, are even planted at the entirely wrong places. I dig those up and take them inside, so they can do it properly. And I thoroughly shake the earth from the roots!

I talk a lot to my people, and sometimes I could swear they understand me! But that's just the simple stuff like, 'let me in', 'let me out', 'give me food', 'take me out for a walk', 'play with me' etc. When I try to make intelligent conversation on walks and rides in the car, they don't get it at all! They just say I sound soo cute! Well, they're just people, you can't ask too much from them...

I like dog friends of all kinds and sizes, but the ones I like the best are probably the neighbours Sixten, Signe och Hardy. They're also Wheatens and very nice. There is a beautiful girl dog next door, that I'm in love with but unfortunately, the feelings are not mutual. Then I met the beautiful Wheaten Smilla on the beach one summer night! We were bathing and playing in the sunset and my 'mom' said she had never seen a more beautiful couple. -Sigh...

Now I have to go and look cute, young master is eating cheese balls...
Have a nice day!

/King Kai

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

As the name implies, my breed origins from Irland, where my ancestors were been kept on farms to keep rats and such away. The name almost says it all; we have soft fur with wheat colour. And despite our cute appearance, and the soft fur (which other terriers don't have) we 're still real terriers!

Like all terriers we're quite self confident, with a lot of energy, and we're smart dogs. That means we need activity. Not physical activity all day long - that can create stress- but a little challenge for the intellect is healthy. For example; one can learn tricks and/or learn how to search for things. Or, like when they're a little lazy at home, they just hide some treats in different places. If it's well hidden it may take a while to find, and using one's nose takes a lot of energy!!

The name is too long, and needs shortening in everyday life; some say; "Softies", but most common is probably "Wheaten Terrier", or simply "Wheaten".

You will find more information about my breed at the Swedish Wheaten Terrier Club - click on their logotype below - and at the links page.

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