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Welcome to Jesper's Site!


Hello, I'm Jesper!
I am a young Turkish Van cat.
I was born on September 3, 2004, in cattery Gūzelkedi.
I'm big, strong and healthy cat, with an appetite for life.

On this page, you can read more about me here, and about the Turkish Van breed here.
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About me - Jesper:

My hobbies are; chasing after anything that moves (or doesn't move at all, for that matter), explore every square-inch of the house, and to be right there at the center of things, wherever something is happening. Another thing that I really like is fish!

I'm the one in charge in this house. My mom says differently, but what does she know! I really own this place; I run around everywhere and play with everything I can lay my paws on. Still being a young kitten, I'm often become tired and I sleep a lot. But once I've had my beauty sleep, I'm all over the place again!

My mom doesn't know much, like for example how to make proper use of pot plants. Only I know of all the great things one can do with them; dig up the earth, fight with them, shred them, eat them and, the best of it all, turn them over and play football with the clods of earth!

I really like staying out on the balcony. From my look-out spot on a high shelf, I help the dog (King Kai) to keep an eye on the neighbourhood. Now we have the garden fenced too, and I'm so fond of going out on the grass. But sometimes I escape, so I'm not allowed out there on my own.

Unfortunately, I have no cat friends at home - I just have to do with the dog King Kai and my people. They're up to a lot of funny things, so I'm never bored. Very often, there are things around them that I need to chase and catch; like for example the big rustling paper thing they put on the table and look in every morning, the soft things they put their feet into, the fabric things dangling from their night robes and last, but not least, the waving hairy thing on the back side of the dog.

Oh, gotta' go! My favourite is on the menu - fish!

Turkish Van

As the name implies, my breed origins from Turkey and more specifically from the area around the lake Van.
The Turkish Van is intelligent, very active, full of ideas and enjoys the company of our humans. Our ancestors in Turkey used to swim around in the waters, catching fish. And many of us Van cats today also enjoy water, to different extent, from splashing it around to actually bathing and swimming in it.

We Van cats have semi-long, soft, white fur with a very special pattern; auburn tail and spots on the forehead, in front of the ears. Van is also the name of this particular pattern. Apart from auburn, several other colours on the tail and forehead are nowadays permitted in my breed.

Although our bodies are longish and graceful, we're still strong and muscular cats, with a healthy apetite for both food and other good things in life. Wherever our people go, we will go to - wouldn't want to miss a thing! And if they want to keep the house intact, they'll be wise to provide toys and scratchboard - and maybe sometimes a little squirt of water... It's like the son in the house say's: "Cats - they think the whole world is a great big amusement park just for them!". And maybe that's part of what's so appealing about us cats- and also an attitude many of the humans could use a little more of.

You'll find more information about my breed at Vangoran, the Swedish association for Turkish Van or Turkish Angora - just click the button below - and at the links page.

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